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Undergrad Programs

        The discipline of cyberspace security focuses on security problems that occur in electromagnetic equipment, electronic information systems, networks, running data and system applications. Utilizing knowledge of computer science, automation, communication and mathematics, the research work related to theories, methods, technologies, systems, applications, administrations and laws are concerned. This discipline aims to turn students into senior professional talents who are good at information security theory and are able to work in high and new technology industries, institutes of scientific research, high schools. The discipline of cyberspace security emphasizes the combination of theory and applications. It insists on the guideline of “integrating theory with practice”, which would guarantee students have solid theoretical foundation and professional skills, as well as system design and development capability. Meanwhile, it pays attentions to inspire the innovation of students, letting students know how to find the problems and solve them using basic knowledge. On the other hand, excellent undergraduates are encouraged to participat in scientific research work, which provides good opportunities and platforms for students to learn the latest research trends. The research duration for full-time students to obtain bachelor's degrees is 4 years. After all the courses and the graduation design are finished, students are able to obtain the “bachelor of engineering”. The main courses for undergraduates including: signals and systems, digital signal processing, principles of automatic control, discrete mathematics, data structures and algorithms, programming design, network security foundation, database systems, embedded systems design, network security and managements.

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